Our Mission
Providing the best professional services in order to show the right track and applying the legal system in a suitable institutional form. Through forming this specialized legal system in terms of commercial , civil , corporate and criminal law , it will be without prejudice and with full balanced justice in addition to that, this system will be devoted for technology and provide legislative aspects with competences and excellent experience.
Our Vision
The law profession is the heart and the sound of the society , it is the profession of freedom, dignity and fight for all life aspects in every time and place . law profession joints the judicial authority to prevail justice and to ensure the Rule of law . The voice of truth is not superior to anything else if there is a system of integrity and transparency.

About Us

International and Local Arbitration
Experts at Jordanian Courts
Various Activities in Forums , International and Local conferences
Consultants at many local and international companies
Al Ayed office was founded since 2001
Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Membership in 2015
Arab Lawyers Union Membership in 2015
Accredited lecturers at Unions and International Organizations

Our Jurisdiction

Providing legal and legislative consultations

Intellectual Property

Drafting, preparing and editing all contracts

Procedures of Jordanian Nationality

Registering commercial names and trademarks

Litigation on behalf of clients before courts and arbitration boards . This involve all levels before Cassation Court , Supreme Court of Justice and Constitutional Court

Preparing Specialized studies in law and investment

Our Team


Lawyer / Founder

Dr. Bakhit Al Daajda


Lawyer / Founder

Naser Al Ayed



Dr. Ahmad Al Banyan



Ahlam Al Ayed



Dena Al-Masry



Marwa Al-Salaymeh


Public Relations

Shirin Wahba


Participation of Dr. Bakhit Al-Dajeh in the Second International Conference on Education, Technology and Law between Reality and the Future - Kingdom of Morocco

Dr. Bakhit Al-Dajeh participated in the Second International Conference on Education, Technology and Law between Reality and the Future in the Kingdom of Morocco with a research paper entitled: Problems of Civil Responsibility in the Field of Artificial and Technological Intelligence - A Comparative Study, which was held on 28/3/2023.

Published At   2023/04/20

Cairo University honors Dr. Bakhit Al-Daaja

On the campus of Cairo University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Bakhit Al-Dajjah, head of the regional branch of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, was honored with the shield of the Faculty of Law on the occasion of excellence in scientific achievement, in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Abdel Hadi Al-Awadi, and a group of distinguished professors and scholars.

Published At   2022/10/26

Board meeting of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Dr. Bakhit Al-Daajah participated in holding a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Cairo. The agenda was discussed, future plans were developed, and the union system developed to achieve its goals.

Published At   2022/10/09

Intellectual property rights book

The new author of Dr. Bakhit Al-Da'jah was published under the title "Principles of Intellectual Property Rights between Jurisprudence and Law". And the publication at the Dar Althqafa for Publishing and Distribution - Jordan. It dealt with the diversity of intellectual property rights, their rationale and conditions, the regulating legislation, the nature of legal adaptation, and an update of the latest evidence and emerging information as a comparative study in the Jordanian, Egyptian, French and Emirati laws.

Published At   2022/09/29

Interview with Dr. Bakhit Al-Da`jah - Jordan TV / Artificial Intelligence

A new day program on Jordan TV holds an interview with Dr. Bakhit Al-Daajah about his new book (Artificial Intelligence). The issue of this specialty, its social and economic dimensions, and the legal impact by taking responsibility for damages, compensation, the responsible person, legal adaptation, in addition to legal solutions and the development of laws, were discussed.

Published At   2022/09/06

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