Board meeting of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Published At :   2022/10/09
Dr. Bakhit Al-Daajah participated in holding a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Cairo. The agenda was discussed, future plans were developed, and the union system developed to achieve its goals.

Intellectual property rights book

The new author of Dr. Bakhit Al-Da'jah was published under the title "Principles of Intellectual Property Rights between Jurisprudence and Law". And the publication at the Dar Althqafa for Publishing and Distribution - Jordan. It dealt with the diversity of intellectual property rights, their rationale and conditions, the regulating legislation, the nature of legal adaptation, and an update of the latest evidence and emerging information as a comparative study in the Jordanian, Egyptian, French and Emirati laws.

Published At   2022/09/29
A newspaper article with Dr. Bakhit Al-Dajeh about the impact of artificial intelligence on civil legislation

Press meeting with Dr. Bakhit Al-Dajeh with the Egyptian press The Week's newsletter on artificial intelligence and its impact on the nature of civil legislation in which the dialogue addressed contemporary issues, the most important of which is the paradigm shift of technology, most likely heralding a new era that is welcome despite fears and threats to humanity, Consequently, cutting-edge technologies have emerged under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, which must have an impact on the development of legal rules, the most important of which is the compatibility and compatibility of civil liability. The issue of AI's legal personality and the need to seek legal frameworks that address all possible problems and concerns has been raised. The wisdom of Jordan's leadership and its contribution to keeping abreast of technological developments were praised.

Published At   2023/07/20